EGEX Exercise 2011 in Logroño (Spain)

EUROGENDFOR conducted its EGEX 2011 between 26 September and 7 October. The exercise was designed to practice The Force crisis management procedures at the operational and tactical level involving police forces from different parts of Europe in Logroño (Spain).

Besides the personnel (160 police officers) dispatched by the Eurogendfor PHQ and its member countries, Germany participated with 1 observer and Congo with 2.

The aim of the exercise EGEX 2011 is to fix a meeting point among the European Gendarmerie Force participant forces in order to improve the quality of the services provided to the society.

The exercise was implemented in a fictitious country named Lucron where in an international crisis scenario, the European Union (EU), called upon UN, took the decision to launch a mission (EUFOR-L) in the framework of the 464 UN Council Resolution. In order to create a safe and secure environment fulfilling the resolution and the EU establishes a multinational force

The setting of the exercise is in an international crisis scenario in which the European Union(EU), on UN request, took a decision to launch a mission (EUFOR–L) in order to create a safe and secure environment in Lucron. The 464 UN Council Resolution created the framework for this mission, with a view at reinforcing the measures undertaken in the ”Astorga Agreement”. To carry out this mission, EU establishes a multinational force EUFOR-L, including a police component, represented by EUROGENDFOR, that will be placed under a military chain of command, and will be deployed in a non stabilized environment, carrying out different police executive functions, including robust units with capacity in public order and self protection.

On EU´s request CIMIN agrees with the EUROGENDFOR participation in the mission. According to the EUROGENDFOR Operational Concept, the EUROGENDFOR PHQ will provide the capacity for a rapid planning leading to the development of the OPLAN for the EUROGENDFOR intervention in the Operation, including the Force Generation Process, and will coordinate the strategic transportation and the deployment of the mission. An EUROGENDFOR FHQ will be deployed under military responsibility to conduct the day by day operations in the mission area.

His Highness the Prince of Asturias D. Felipe de Borbón paid a visit to the exercise on 5 October 2011. His presence highlighted the strong commitment Spain has with Eurogendfor.

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