The 15th European Police Congress in Berlin

European Police Congress 2012

EUROGENDFOR Representatives participated in the 15th European Police Congress taking place at the Berliner Congress Center.

The “European Police Congress” is an international information platform for police and decision makers from security authorities and industries aimed at strengthening the dialogue between the authorities and enable the participants to establish new contacts to colleagues from all over the world. Annually the conference is a meeting place for up to 1.600 experts representing at least 50 countries. Experts and representatives of police, border police, as well as governments, parliaments and industries participate in the conference.

Eurogendfor Stand

While EUROGENDFOR Commander, Colonel Cornelis KUIJS, was invited as speaker to a panel session on  police missions abroad, a four representative delegation from EUROGENDFOR Pl-IQ was participating in this Congress to present a EUROGENDFOR dedicated booth.

Even if the Congress was mostly attended by Central and Eastern Europe audience, the booth was visited by different kinds of people from several backgrounds (Le. private companies, European think-tanks, German security actors like Lander police and Federal police and other various kinds of security specialism). Moreover, the booth was visited by the HRH Prince Pieter Christiaan of Netherlands and the General Commander of the German Federal Police (Praesident des Bundespolizei).

Eurogendfor in Berlin

The Force presence in Berlin was the opportunity to explain what makes EUROGENDFOR different from other European organizations (e.g. EUPOL or EULEX). Additionally, being in a country with a “fully civilian” police (both Bundespolizei and Landerpolizei have a civilian status), the EUROGENDFOR presence showed the relevance and usefulness of a police force with military status created to perform abroad the whole gamut of police tasks, even in destabilized and highly insecure environments.

The Berlin 15th Police Congress was the first EUROGENDFOR was invited to participate in. However, it opened a window of visibility to some European specialists and possible stakeholders.

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