Eurogendfor international judo tournament in Lithuania

On March 16th, 2012, a judo tournament in honor of EUROGENDFOR was held in Kaunas (Lithuania). The event was organized and hosted by the Public Security Service under the Lithuanian Ministry of Interior and aimed at enhancing the EUROGENDFOR visibility in a different manner by bringing the EUROGENDFOR colors and insignia in a sport competition.

The importance given to the event was emphasized and marked by the large participation of athletes, most of which were part of teams from EUROGENDFOR Countries. Additionally, the EUROGENDFOR Commander, Col. Cornelis KUIJS, attended the tournament as guest and participated in the awarding ceremony together with the highest military and civilian Lithuanian authorities.

The Judo team from Public Security Service under the Ministry of Interior (Lithuania) was placed first, the Judo team from Guarda Civil (Spain) was placed second, while the Judo team from Kaunas county police Headquarters of the Police Department under the Ministry of Interior (Lithuania) was placed third.

Lithuania, which has participated in overseas missions since 2008, became partner of EUROGENDFOR on December 2009. The Lithuanian Public Security Service is a police service within the Lithuanian Ministry of Interior tasked with ensuring public order in extraordinary situations and emergencies.

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