Workshop on EUROGENDFOR treaty held in vicenza

The EUROGENDFOR CIMIN Presidency organized a workshop, which was held in Vicenza in the Chinotto Barracks’ premises, to study in depth the possible implications on EUROGENDFOR activities and status stemming from the entry into force of the EUROGENDFOR Treaty.

The two day meeting was attended by representatives of all the EUROGENDFOR participating Countries, as well as by staff members of the Permanent Headquarters, that deepened the matter of the consequences of the EUROGENDFOR Treaty ratification and summarized the outcomes of the brainstorming in a document that could be the basis for a further and deeper analysis from experts designated by the CIMIN.

The EUROGENDFOR Treaty establishing the European Gendarmerie Force was signed in Velsen (The Netherlands) on October 18th, 2007, and the consequent ratification process from the Parties was concluded on March 12th, 2012, with the French ratification. After the Treaty enters officially into force, Romania, which joined EUROGENDFOR in 2008, will start their ratification process of the EGF Treaty to adopt it into their legislation.

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