The EUROGENDFOR contingent in EUFOR RCA has been successfully relieved during the last weeks.A second contingent planned to be on the ground until mid-march 2015 has replaced the members of the EUROGENDFOR Integrated Police Unit (IPU), deployed in the capital of the Central African Republic (Bangui) under the EUFOR RCA mission since 20 may 2014.Due to the volatility of the area of operations, EUROGENDFOR forces have been unwillingly involved in several clashes with armed groups during their tour of duty. However, these challenges and difficulties are being effectively addressed with professionalism and exceptional police skills, resulting in the increasing local population’s trust and affection towards the European Gendarmerie.The EUROGENDFOR IPU duties, ranging from community policing to investigation, are actively contributing to the progressive stabilization of the area, and easing the transition between the European Union mission and the United Nations operation (MINUSCA) to be fully effective in 2015.

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