The European Gendarmerie Force continues its commitment in EUMAM RCA

After 6 months of presence in Bangui, this month October 2015, Lieutenant-Colonel (FR) GINESTE, commander of the Mobile Gendarmerie group of Arras, welcomed his successor, Lieutenant-Colonel CLOUP (FR), currently second in command of the Mobile Gendarmerie group of Nantes, within the European Union Military Advisory Mission EUMAM RCA.

Appointed as advisor of the Central African Republic military authorities for gendarmerie, police and military justice, the EGF-mandated officer is working in a wide range of areas:

  • monitoring of sanctions related to the arms embargo,
  • positioning of the Central African Gendarmerie between departments of Defence and Public Security,
  • creation of a Military Justice Code,
  • support to MINUSCA launching the Security Sector Reform.

Besides these tasks, there are sustained and fruitful contacts, advices and meetings with representatives of the Central African Republic (Departments of Defence, Justice, Finance and Customs, Water and Forestry) as well as with the International Community: MINUSCA, SANGARIS, EU Delegation, etc.

Lieutenant-colonel CLOUP also fulfil the role of his predecessor as “EUROGENDFOR coordinator”.

In due time, the expert might so be requested to examine modalities of a possible EUROGENDFOR support to the Internal Security Forces after the ongoing EUMAM mandate.

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