EUROGENDFOR Operational Planning Workshop

EGF Operational Planning Workshop participants

The EUROGENDFOR PHQ organized and conducted the first “Operational Planning Workshop for Crisis Management Operations”, held in the Caserma Chinotto Headquarters from the 26th of October to the 6th of November.

The activity aimed at consolidating the Gendarmerie perspective into the operational planning stages of Crisis Management Operations through NATO methodology, enhancing partnerships with the relevant actors, providing efficient knowledge on the subject, and increasing the readiness of planning work groups.

During two weeks of theoretical and practical planning activities, an expert group of guest lecturers and mentors, external attendees and observers from the EU, NATO, UN and EGF member countries shared and exchanged useful expertise with EUROGENDFOR personnel, while being updated on the Gendarmerie approach to Crisis Management Operations.

The Workshop, effectively supported by Carabinieri’s CoESPU logistics, was a success in terms of improving the knowledge on the NATO planning methodology, cooperation and interoperability.

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