Silence Tribute to Paris Terror Victims

Silence Tribute to Paris Terror Victims

The European Gendarmerie Force, the Centre of Excellence for Stability Police Units and the NATO Centre of Excellence for Stability Policing have rendered a heartfelt tribute to the victims of the loathsome terror attacks that scythed the lives of more than 130 unarmed civilians in the heart of Paris last 13 November.

The casualties include citizens of several nationalities, and at the time of this ceremony, tenths of the 350 wounded were still struggling for their life.

As addressed during EUROGENDFOR Commander’s opening speech, “by targeting Paris, the terrorists did not only targeted France. They targeted a way of life made of freedom, equality and fraternity. They attacked a civilisation they hate: one where women are equal to men, where people are free to enjoy freedom, to enjoy music, to enjoy their friends, where people are free to believe in god or not, and where people respect their next and their own beliefs.

Before French, European Union and EUROGENDFOR flags flying at half-mast, the members of the Institutions based at Chinotto Headquarters stood in silent mourning, joining the millions around the globe expressing their empathy for the victims and their relatives, and their willingness to condemn and resist terrorism.

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