EUCAP Sahel Mali supports the investigation of the Bamako Radisson Attack

November 20 2015 at 07, two terrorists enter in force in the Radisson Blu hotel in Bamako. They will be neutralized in the afternoon by internal Malian security forces backed by French soldiers. The EUCAP Sahel Mali mission, since the end of the intervention, immediately proposed to the Malian Minister of Internal Security and Civil Protection the support of a team of specialists to assist its services as a judicial inquiry, as they ‘had already made after the terrorist attack at the “La Terrasse” restaurant in March 2015.

 “This is an opportunity to sustain our Malian comrades in the implementation of our training activities in the areas of judicial and counter-terrorism that we teach them“, noted Colonel John Veneau, Head of EUCAP Operations Mission.

A dozen members of the European mission reached the crime scene to support the work of Malian investigators, in coordination with the police component of MINUSMA. The objective is to support the Malian security forces through the practical application of knowledge handed over the training provided by the European Commission on Judicial Police. Since January 2015, the Mission EUCAP Sahel Mali provides training for the benefit of the Gendarmerie, Police and National Guard. Among the fields of study are included the judicial police, the investigation management, scientific and technical police, and intelligence techniques, which are all essential skills to the fight terrorism.

The European Gendarmerie Force in the heart of the investigation

The EUROGENDFOR now supplies half of police experts in the “operations” branch of mission EUCAP Sahel Mali. The three EGF experts were immediately deployed alongside their comrades in support of the Malian investigators for the first police acts in Radisson Blu Hotel. They are currently more numerous to support their Malian counterparts.

“Together we are stronger”

The staff of the mission EUCAP Sahel Mali has not been directly affected by the attack, but as the head of European diplomacy Federica Mogherini said on Friday about the attacks, “the EU and Africa are united facing terrorist threat. Together, we are stronger. ” 

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