EGF Police Advisory Team imparts CSI Courses in Herat

3 Courses on Crime Scene Investigation Techniques were performed in Camp Arena (Herat) by the Italian Police Advisory Team, in cooperation with other units of TAAC-W Command (J-ENG, Gender Advisor) in favour of 19 Afghan National Police staff belonging to the Anti-Crime Department, Forensic Lab, and Counter Intelligence), The Afghan National Civil Order Police, and the Regional Training Centre in Herat.

The courses aimed at providing ANP personnel with technical and operational capabilities in properly collecting evidence on a crime scene, and sending them to forensic labs for further investigations.

In particular, trainers of the Carabinieri Police Advisory Team and Joint Engineering personnel gave lectures on specific topics such as collection of fingerprints, ballistic material (weapons, shells, etc.), documents and electronic devices.

Several Visits to forensic laboratories enabled students to get familiar with the different analysis techniques and procedures, and a practical exercise followed each course.

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