Mobile Checkpoint Training in Herat

A 3-Day course on Mobile Check Point was performed in Camp Arena (Herat) by the Italian Police Advisory Team ,in favour of the Afghan National Police staff, from 8-11 November 2015.

The Italian Police Advisory Team, based in Herat, is deployed under the EUROGENDFOR umbrella and provides advising and training to the Afghan forces.

This course aimed at improving skills and capabilities of already well-trained Afghan National Police personnel through academic and practical sessions on: patrolling activities, checkpoint setting, and detainee handling techniques.

The course also seeks to highlight the importance of patrolling and mobile operations, rather than static checkpoints for the sake of effective Policing. 

Therefore, improving their capability in performing checkpoints would lead to reducing them in number, as well as to improve the patrolling and mobile operations. The course was followed by an exercise performed at the Afghan National Police Regional Training Centre.

The Regional Training Center Trainers welcomed the activity as extremely helpful in all its panels, and acknowledged it as an outstanding initiative towards generating cohesion among Police personnel, as well as the skills to operate in joint operations with other Afghan National Defence and Security Forces.

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