EEUROGENDFOR active in Security Sector Reform in Central African Republic.

The EUMAM RCA mission in the Central African Republic (CAR) is almost halfway through its planned duration up to July 2016. It continues to work in a country with fragile and unstable institutions. CAR is expecting elections within weeks hopefully followed by the installation of a legitimate government.

The EUROGENDFOR coordinator acts as an instructor for the Central African army. These courses include also trainees whose military status stays within the EUMAM sphere of action. The areas covered are those of leadership training and armed conflict law.

Moreover, during the last weeks, the EUROGENDFOR coordinator has also been actively participating, together with the Legal Advisor, in an event that could affect the future of the country: organizing a committee for the validation of the Military Justice Code. The committee consists of representatives of the Ministries of Defense and Justice, of the Prime Minister and of the Presidency. Other participators are members of the Law Committee of Parliament and expert assistance of the International Community (African Union, European Union and MINUSCA). The project is to be discussed in the National Transitional Council before the end of the parliamentary session and is meant to be adopted by the future elected government. This Code will reorganize and facilitate the implementation of military courts and provide a more flexible legal framework for restructuring of military organization and ranks.

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