EUROGENDFOR visits EUROCORPS in Strasbourg

Eurocorps Logo
EGF CDR visits Eurocorps

A group of four EUROGENDFOR Permanent Headquarter staff, including the Commander and heads of Planning, Intelligence and Logistics, as well as a representative of the Italian CIMIN Presidency, visited for the first time the EUROCORPS in Strasbourg on 25 January.

The EUROCORPS is the European Rapid Response Corps, a Defense equivalent, at a larger scale, of EUROGENDFOR, dedicated to military crisis management and sharing the same objective: to support the EU Common Security and Defence Policy.

Meeting at Eurocorps

EUROCORPS Commander, Lieutenant General Alfredo Ramirez, welcomed the EUROGENDFOR delegation and introduced this short but dense working visit, which included a joint exchange of information followed by specific workshops by branch.

The objective of this fruitful visit was to develop mutual knowledge on objectives and capabilities, and to identify possible areas of future cooperation.   

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