EUROGENDFOR Commander visit to EUCAP Sahel Mali


On 15 April 2014 the European Council established a civilian mission under the Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) to support the internal security forces in Mali. The EUROGENDFOR High Level InterDepartmental Committee immediately decided to contribute to this important mission.

In cooperation with the UN police the EU experts are focusing on two activities:

  • training the managers at all levels;
  • advising the 3 Interior Security Forces (Gendarmerie, National Guard and Police) in the area of human resources management and training;

The European gendarmerie contributed significantly to this mission since the beginning of its deployment. As of today, 17 out of 32 police officers posted in the mission’s Department of Operations are deployed under EUROGENDFOR umbrella. This contribution is focused on the mentoring of the Malian Gendarmerie and National Guard, as well as the training of all forces’ managers.

EUCAP training in Bamako-Faladié gendarmerie school

EUCAP Training Classroom

This contribution is fully integrated to the Mission, with the same selection process as other EU police experts and under the same chain of command. The EUROGENDFOR Permanent Headquarters is supporting this contribution by preparing the gendarmes before their deployment.
The EUROGENDFOR Commander visited the EU mission for the first time on 03 and 04 February 2016, in order to highlight this significant contribution, to meet the EUROGENDFOR members of the Mission EUCAP Sahel Mali and to see their operational activities, as well as their installation and their environment. He met on this occasion the officials of the Internal Security Forces, the other international missions and partners.

He visited the Chief of staff of the National Guard and attended a EUCAP training activity in the National Guard HQ, allowing him to observe the work of the trainers and to exchange with the Malian trainees.

“I hope this training will be useful for you and that you can apply these experiences in your daily work activities. We are going to continue to support you in your missions to insure the security of your people and the rule of law ” he said during this training session dedicated to the leaders of the Guard’s units coming from several regions of Mali

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