EUROGENDFOR supports EUAM Ukraine and Ukrainian police

Responding to an urgent request from the EU Mission, the EUROGENDFOR deployed 4 Crowd and Riot Control (CRC) trainers in Kiev, where they joined the EUAM staff from 09 February to 07 March 2016.
This was the first training delivered by a EUROGENDFOR training team is such conditions, as well as the first training program provided by the EU mission in Ukraine, which previously focused on advising activities.

The Gendarmerie multinational training team, including officers from, Portugal, Spain, France and Romania, was tasked:

  • to train, for 2 first weeks, 29 personnel from the newly formed specialized police units to become trainers;
  • to advise, for the 2 last weeks, these new trainers while they were performing a Crowd management course for 170 staff the specialized police unit personnel.

The academic training focused on the various facets of democratic crowd control: legal framework, human rights, technical and tactical aspects of crowd and riot control, public and mass media management, and pedagogical development.

anti-riot ukraine

Practical sessions prepared the trainees to use new technics, tactics and commands related to the control of crowds and riots in accordance with European standards. Finally, this 4 weeks training activities was a great opportunity to develop the command skills and leadership of the new unit commanders.

ukraine visit

The activities of the EGF trainers successfully ended on February 5, 2016 with a ceremony presided by the Head of Ukrainian police in presence of several EU authorities, including the new EUAM head of mission and Kenneth Dean (centre of the picture), the EU Civilian Operations Commander.

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