AFGANISTAN: EUROGENDFOR expertise in support of a new ANCOP training center near Kabul


Afghan National Civil Order of Police Training with EGF (March 2015)

The Afghan National Civil Order Police (ANCOP), under Major General ZAMARAI PAIKAN’s command, plays a key role and gains many successes and victories in all the fields of the security, and in particular in that of the fight anti-terrorism. Moreover, strongly solicited by the central government, the ANCOP has become a force recognized at the same time by the afghan population and the international forces.

The European Gendarmerie Force or EUROGENDFOR is for a long time involved in ANCOP officers and non-commissioned officers training in several places in Afghanistan, including Mazar-e-Sharif in the North and Wardak in the center of the Country. This support, in addition to the requirement of a robust police force to protect the population throughout the whole country, explains the Afghan decision to develop ANCOP, as far as possible, along the European standards of gendarmerie forces.


EGF staff in ANCOP compound KaboulANCOP success is based on simple and effective principles:

  • To recruit staffs having already a good school and education level (not illiteracy)
  • To develop high quality training “targeted” on public security and democratic crowd control, but also to specific counter-insurgency skills due to the situation;
  • To select motivated commanders;
  • and finally, to pay a very detailed attention on the wellness of staffs, especially in the follow-up of the families in case of casualty.

 Khak-e-Jabar (Kabul province)

Colonel DELCAMBRE, as ANCOP commander’s advisor and EUROGENDFOR expert, supported General ZAMARAI in finalizing the project of a specific training center in Khak-e-Jabar, in Kabul province.

The main objective is to develop a fully Afghan training center, 100% managed by Afghan. This center will be able to accommodate in the short run approximately 300 to 400 trainees.

Several training teams already went to the French Democratic Crowd Control center of excellence in Saint-Astier in the past year to develop their skills and experience.

Twenty additional trainees will attend the Train the Trainers course in the next months. As a result, more than 50 Afghan instructors will be form in line with the European Union highest standards, enabling the Afghan training center to provide autonomously a high quality training for the sake of the Afghan population’s security.

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