The European Gendarmerie Force represented in Bangui


Within the EUMAM RCA mission, a lonely gendarme is visible by the color of his uniform, but he is nevertheless perfectly integrated into the military mission involving 11 nations. His participation is appreciated, even desired, to achieve the objectives of the mission in the sensitive areas of the enforcement of rights and military ethics. Therefore, the commander of the mission appointed him as the point of contact for humanitarian law and gender issues. 

Besides advising in the Proceedings of the mission, he is involved in the management of actual cases in non-operational training by EUMAM. These actions affect the military FACA but also the officers of the National Gendarmerie who are always invited. These courses are also the beginning of the Security Sector Reform (SSR) to be conducted in CAR. 

The Gendarmerie Police-EUMAM adviser also liaises with the MINUSCA cell in charge of SSR on its areas of expertise. He is involved in important steps laying the groundwork like the roundtable on national security and more recently the development of the security policy. In this way, he is a member of the coordination platform coordinating supporting actions of international actors (MINUSCA, UNDP, IOM, embassies of France and the United States, European Union …) in favor of the Internal Security Forces (ISF). Therefore, he is able to perform his EGF coordinators role if requested to do so by MINUSCA. 

EUMAM RCA will complete its mandate in July 2016. The European Union will probably continue its work in CAR by the activation of an EU training military mission (EUTM). Planning for this mission will begin soon, but the Adviser position for gendarmerie and police is already assigned to be a part of this mission. 

The position of EUMAM Adviser for gendarmerie and police and EGF Coordinator in CAR, has been awarded with the EU medal.

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