EUROGENDFOR Personnel trained in 4X4 tactical drive

Driving Training
Driving Training2

50% of the EUROGENDFOR Permanent headquarter Staff participated to a 2 days specific training for operational off-road 4X4 wheeled drive vehicles. The course was provided in Vicenza by the 1st Carabinieri Parachutist Regiment “Tuscania”

The training was conducted in the premises and tactical training field of the Italian Centre of Excellence for Stability Police (CoESPU). It included 2 hours theoretical lesson and security instructions followed by practical off-road activities.

The training was concluded by a test in compliance with the EEAS/CSDP 4×4 wheeled drive requirement for deployments in EU missions, which the 16 attendees successfully completed. The activity was carried out in the framework of the program to develop the readiness of the Permanent Headquarters which, according to the EUROGENDFOR Treaty, is “modular and projectable”.

Driving Group

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