Rotation of the EUROGENDFOR contribution to EUMAM RCA

EUMAM Handover

After one week of overlapping, Lieutenant Colonel MONTAL-VILLETTE replaced Lieutenant Colonel CLOUP as EUROGENDFOR police advisor in the EU military mission in Central African Republic (CAR).

This officer already has a good knowledge of the situation in the CAR capital city: he was already deployed one year back in the EUROGENDFOR Integrated Police Unit of the EU military operation EUFOR RCA.

During the handover ceremony, the Mission Commander, brigadier general LAUGEL, stressed lieutenant colonel CLOUP’s outstanding contribution, highlighting his high professional standards and adaptability in such a special context.

He also welcomed, recalling the last meeting he had with this officer, at the end of EUFOR RCA and the beginning of EUMAM RCA.

Lieutenant colonel MONTAL-VILLETTE will maintain the EGF presence close to CAR ministries with security charges and among the international community, and will continue with the same approach in the future EUTM mission. He will also cover the position of “EUROGENDFOR Coordinator” in Central African Republic.

EUMAM Handover

Read more about EUMAM RCA:

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