Last events on EUROGENDFOR’s contribution to the Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan

Last 3 March 2016, Col. Mihai Aurelian IOSIF, from the Rumanian Gendarmerie, assumed the responsibilities as new EUROGENDFOR Coordinator at the Resolute Support Mission (RSM) in Afghanistan.

Since then, Col. Iosif is contributing to reinforce the visibility of the work performed by the EUROGENDFOR’s contingent in Afghanistan, strengthening its internal coordination and keeping a fluent communication with the EUROGENDFOR Member States through our Permanent Headquarter. At the same time, he is definitively performing a relevant contribution to RSM as Senior Advisor to the Afghanistan Deputy Minister of Counter Narcotics.

Despite considerable progress in terms of security, Afghanistan remains as one of the most dangerous and sensitive crisis scenarios where EUROGENDFOR, as a component of the RSM, is definitively engaged since last 2009. Several thousands of EUROGENDFOR members have already contributed first to NTMA and, currently, to RSM. During this engagement, three of our colleagues have been murder by the Afghanistan insurgency while doing their best to contribute to the recovery of the country and their citizens.

EGF Coord in Afghanistan

At this time, EUROGENDFOR’s contingent, as part of RSM, is absolving a paramount role in advising several of the most relevant Afghanistan authorities involved in their own Security Sector’s Reform (SSR).

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