Captain Miranda WEERSINK-KOPMANN from the Dutch Royal Marechaussee has just left Bamako after 6 months in the EUCAP SAHEL Mali mission as a trainer in Human Resources.

Married and mother of two, she has been a member of the Marechaussee for 30 years. She worked at the Queen’s palest, at the borders, as military police officer, as investigator and team leader. Back home, she will work in the field of Human Resources management.

Previouly, she had already served in Egypt and Israel as military police officer and in Bosnia as border police adviser.

Fully integrated in the 20 members training team from the EUCAP Mission, she took part in the leadership training sessions lasting 4weeks/100 hours with a 12 hours module on the Human Resources management methods, which was well apreciated by the Malian counterparts. Thereby Miranda contributed in the training of more than 200 police, gendarmerie and garde national officers, improving their understanding of Human Resources issues and enhancing their management skills.

Always smiling and known as a sincere person, she also gave trainings in the field of Gender and violences against women and children. Very sporty and dynamic, she also used to give “powerclass” trainings at the American embassy sport club on Sundays.

“I enjoy and expect the 3 “Hs”:  Honesty, Humour and Humanity. I would like to come back to Mali, to go on teaching and sharing my experience with the Malian colleagues. My moto: Work with passion!” she said before leaving.

Our Miranda will be missed.

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