EUROGENDFOR Advisor to Afghan ANCOP Commander

Colonel (OF5) Jérôme DELCAMBRE is continuously advising the ANCOP Commander, both at the main HQ and on the field.

The main activity of May 2016 was the SWAT ANCOP TRAINING organized in Kabul with the support of the EUROGENDFOR senior advisor and the contribution of 4 experts from the French Gendarmerie National Tactical Training Centre based in Saint-Astier (France).About 120 trainees from 1st and 7th ANCOP Brigades received a specific training about technical intervention in hostile environment.

Along with this training, the experts from Saint-Astier organized several tests in order to select 18 candidates to become instructors. These 18 laureates will then go to France to attend a “Train the trainers” course.Colonel DELCAMBRE also accompanied the ANCOP commander in the visit of ANCOP units deployed in the North of Afghanistan and attended operational meetings with the Brigade commanders.  
To read more about the French Gendarmerie National Tactical Training Centre:

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