Participation in the European Endeavour 2016: A start for EUROGENDFOR’s cooperation with EUROCORPS

Between 24 May and 02 June 2016, LCL Grzegorz PARDO, EUROGENDFOR Permanent Headquarter (PHQ) Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence (ACOS Intel) took part as an observer in the European Battle Group 2016-2 certification exercise EUROPEAN ENDAVOUR that took place in EUROCORPS HQ in Strasbourg.

This was an additional step in the progressive development of cooperation between these two institutions which was initiated early 2016.

EGF representative took active part in the exercise, mastering his skills in teamwork within EUROCORPS staff as well as deepening knowledge about organizational part of the exercise.

Next cooperation steps:

EUROGENDFOR will provide the 2 “gendarmerie/police advisors” to EUTM RCA, the new EU military training mission in Central African Republic, under EUROCORPS leadership for 2nd semester 2016;

The EUROGENDFOR Headquarter will provide the “police and security advisor” to the next EU Battlegroup Force Headquarter (FHQ) set up by the EUROCORPS for 1st semester 2017.

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