EUROGENDFOR’s accountability: Audit of the PHQ’s 2015 budget by Financial Board representatives

On 15-16 June 2016, the Portuguese and Romanian representatives of the EUROGENDFOR Financial Board performed the audit on the budget managed by the Permanent Headquarters (PHQ) in 2015 with the support of the PHQ Finance Officer.

The aim of the yearly audit is to check on the spot the expenses, to evaluate the procedures and, if necessary, to make recommendations. It is also a privileged opportunity for the financial experts to provide advices to the PHQ on best practices for budget management.

The budget spent in 2015, for the functioning of the PHQ and supporting the EUROGENDFOR initiatives, was roughly 277.000 €, including mostly Missions abroad, Training and exercises, Equipment (including vehicles, hardware, furniture…), Running costs (including phone lines, vehicles maintenance…) etc.

The budget, funded by the EUROGENDFOR contributing services, does not include costs for salaries, paid by the Countries of origin, the buildings provided by the Host Nation, and some operational deployments costs, which may be partially supported by the partner organization.

In their report, the Auditors underline that the PHQ made a great effort to improve the financial procedures and to implement the Financial Board recommendations to increase the transparent, visible, correct and complete execution of the PHQ expenditures.This report will be examined in a near future by the Financial Board before being presented to the EUROGENDFOR High Level Interdepartmental Committee (CIMIN) for approval.

From the left: Capt. Cascione, Head of ABF; Capt. Feitinha, Auditor; Capt. Crisan, Auditor; B.Gen. Philippe Rio, EUROGENDFOR PHQ Commander

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