Mr Dimitry TITOV, UN Assistant Secretary-General, visits the Vicenza stability policing hub

On 20 June 2016 Mr TITOV, head of the Office of Rule Of Law and Security Institution (OROLSI) in the UN Department for Peace-Keeping Operations (DPKO), visited the Italian Center of Excellence for Stability Police Units (CoESPU). This was also an opportunity for him to deepen his knowledge of the 2 other Stability Policing actors collocated in the Carabinieri Chinotto Barracks, establishing together with the CoESPU a prevalent Stability Policing hub:

–     the Permanent Headquarter (PHQ) of the European Gendarmerie Force (EUROGENDFOR);

–     the recently founded NATO Stability Policing Centre of excellence (SP-COE).

Mr TITOV previously visited the EUROGENDFOR on 10 June 2011 and, more recently, a EUROGENDFOR party met him in New York on 27 August 2015 with a clear objective: improve EUROGENDFOR ability to contribute to UN crisis management activities.

This new visit was an opportunity for the Commander to update Mr TITOV on the enlarged spectrum of EUROGENDFOR Crisis Management capabilities: in addition to the traditional deployment of highly qualified contingents, EUROGENDFOR is developing its capability to perform police operations planning and provide targeted police training and expertise in support of crisis management and security sector reform.

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