EUROGENDFOR Commander presents police operations lessons learned to OSCE

The German OSCE Chairmanship invited EUROGENDFOR to the Annual Security Review Conference (ASRC), in order to contribute to a working session dedicated to “Bolstering the OSCE’s conflict cycles toolbox”.The EUROGENDFOR presentation was focused on the “Experience of the European Gendarmerie Force in using police as tool for stabilizing crisis situations and contributing to stabilization in a post-conflict environment”.

meeting at OSCE

The attendance was composed of diplomats, police and military attachés and representatives from the capital cities of most of the 57 participating States, encompassing three continents – North America, Europe and Asia – as well as representatives from the United Nations and the European Union.This was an opportunity for the national representatives to consolidate their understanding on police operations key issues in a very practical approach, through anticipation, planning, deployment and implementation phases.

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