EUROGENDFOR Officer in 8-week UN international training on Formed Police Units’ “training of trainers’ course”

Captain Rodolphe VINET, from the Operations branch of the EUROGENDFOR Permanent Headquarter (PHQ), participated to the UN Formed Police Units (FPU) “Train of Trainers” (ToT) course that recently took place in Cameroon. Doing so, he shared 8 weeks hard training with 36 other French-speaking police officers from nine countries.

This course was a unique occasion for the officers who will train and/or will deploy in such units to develop or consolidate their skills, but also to understand and develop the 3 UN police core values: integrity, professionalism and respect for diversity.

The ToT course includes Public Order techniques, Police Tactics Techniques & Procedures (TTPs) and weapons’ knowledge. The training is mostly practical and tactical-oriented.

The trainees are permanently involved in teaching (as instructor) what they’ve learnt during the training i.e. police techniques and Public Order manoeuver. Specific trainings as VIP escort or counter-terrorism are also part of such an intensive program. In addition to the improvement of professional skills and experience, the course was also a great opportunity to steer up friendship and confidence with counterparts from various professional cultures, which may also be useful for future joint deployments.

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