EUROGENDFOR Officer participates in joint exercise CENTRAL ACCORD 2016 in Gabon

Between 10 and the 24 June 2016, Captain Michael FRETS, Operations Officer in the Permanent Headquarters, took part in this US Army Africa lead Exercise that took place in and close to Libreville.Central Accord is an annual, combined, joint military exercise including USAFRICOM and African military forces that brings together partner nations to practice and demonstrate proficiency in conducting peacekeeping operations.
In this framework, Central Accord 2016 focused on the response to natural disasters in Africa. The exercise operated at two levels, combining a Command Post Exercise (CPX) with a Field Training Exercise (FTX).

The EGF representative took part as a scriptwriter for the so-called High Control and performed roleplay for the parts of the scenario that where related to UNPOL / Local Police. He also studied the general setup of the exercises in order for EUROGENDFOR to be able to contribute, in the future, to the development of the policing aspect of such joint exercise.
It was a great first experience, which might pave the way for further cooperation between the EUROGENDFOR Permanent Headquarter and the United States Africa Command.

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