17 Afghan ANCOP SWAT instructors trained in France

In addition to his advising role, Colonel (OF5) Jerome DELCAMBRE, EUROGENDFOR Advisor to ANCOP (Afghan National Civil Order Police, the Afghan gendarmerie-like force) commander supported the SWAT instructors training organized in June in the Gendarmerie National Tactical Training Centre (CNEFG) of Saint Astier (France).

Following the previous training carried out in May in Kabul, 18 candidates were selected among 120 to attend a SWAT train the trainers’ course. The objective is to provide the new ANCOP training centre of Chak-e-Jabar (South-West of Kabul) with highly skilled Afghan trainers.

Along this 2 weeks high level and very intensive training, including pedagogy, individual and collective technical instruction, they developed high skills in the area of police intervention tasks in a counter insurgent background. The trainees finally were awarded the diploma of “Professional Intervention Instructor”.

In addition, and considering the high level and outstanding personal investment of the ANCOP participants, five of them were selected to attend a future 6 weeks training to become “Professional Intervention Monitor. This next stage should provide the ANCOP with a full training autonomy.

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