EUCAP Sahel Mali “Train the Trainers” program

In summer 2016, the EUCAP Sahel Mali mission organized a 2-week “Train the Trainers” program within the National Police School of Bamako.

Lieutenant Colonel Cristian FECIEUC, deployed in the framework of EUROGENDFOR contribution to the EU Mission, was in charge of the training session.

This officer has a significant professional experience acquired along 18 years of operational and training assignments in the Romanian Gendarmerie, particularly in the fields of law enforcement training, security and public order management, tactical and special operations, and intelligence-led policing.

The training course centred on general principles and methods of teaching, the trainer’s attitudes, design of training sessions, and communication skills.

The learning objectives focused on the successful transferring of information and know-how, but also on the development of trainees soft skills capabilities: the EUROGENDFOR officer’s experience is that the role of the trainer requires a technical dimension, but that the interpersonal aspect is key for the professional development of students.

The ten trainees, selected on the highest criteria, worked hard and did well, acquiring the teaching methods to train their fellow police officers in basic law enforcement skills for the future.

The next “Train the Trainers” session will be a 5 weeks in depth training to be implemented jointly with the United Nations Police of MINUSMA during the last trimester of 2016.

The trainers in session
Lieutenant Colonel Cristian FECIEUC during one of the sessions
Hands-on training is key for curricular understanding
The attendees pose with Lieutenant Colonel Cristian FECIEUC

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