Rotation of the EUROGENDFOR Senior Advisor for the Afghan Uniformed Police

Colonel Lucas SCIMONE has been working as the Senior Advisor to Lieutenant General Salim ESHAS, Head of the Afghan Uniformed Police (AUP) from July 2015 to July 2016. Along this whole year under Resolute Support Mission, Colonel Lucas SCIMONE shared the European Police Services best practices and procedures with his Afghan brothers in arms.

On 25 July 2016, his responsibility was transferred to Colonel Pasquale Di CHIO, who was previously Force Provost Marshall in the Italian NATO Rapid Deployable Corps.

Colonel Di CHIO has a long experience in international missions, including Deputy Commander of the Combined Training Advisory Group – Police (CTAG-P) in the NATO Training Mission in Afghanistan, Deputy Commander of the Temporary International Presence (TIP) Mission in Hebron (Palestine), Military Police Expert for the Italian Delegation in Tirana (Albania), and Chief of Staff for the Multinational Specialized Unit in Pristina (Kosovo).

Currently, the European Gendarmerie Force is contributing to Resolute Support Afghanistan with a total of 41 police officers from 6 countries.

Rotation of EUROGENDFOR Senior Advisor for AUP
From left to right, Colonel Mihai Aurelian IOSIF (EUROGENDFOR’s Coordinator Officer in Afghanistan), Colonel Jean Lucas SCIMONE (EUROGENDFOR), MG Pietro TORNABENE (DCOS SUPPORT, Italian Army Senior National Representative), and Colonel Pasquale DI CHIO (EUROGENDFOR).

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