Patrol Operational Management in Malian Police Stations

A Captain from the Spanish Guardia Civil is deployed in the European Union’s Capacity Building Mission (EUCAP-SAHEL Mali) as a Community Policing and Basic Intelligence Trainer since last December 2015.

Last April 2016, he spent two days in a Bamako district Police Station to implement the Patrol Operational Management, a training activity combining both a theoretical and practical approach on urban patrolling, aimed at optimizing the Police Unit’s efficiency.

The Spanish Captain shared his experience with 12 Malian Police Officers, assessing their work in the field, as well as learning the Malian Police’s training needs, which will proof very helpful in forthcoming EUCAP activities.

Following the success of this training activity, further sessions were conducted afterwards in several other Bamako Police Stations during the months of May and June 2016, with more being scheduled for other Gendarmerie Units of the Bamako suburbs.

EUCAP Sahel Mali, a European Union’s (EU) civilian mission, was launched last January 2015 with the aim of improving the operational capacity of the Malian Police, Gendarmerie and National Guard. The mission plays an important role in the European Union’s regional approach to the security and development of the Sahel.

EUROGENDFOR is assisting the EUCAP Sahel Mali Mission with 17 out of 34 EU Police Experts supporting their Malian colleagues and High Authorities in the areas of human resources management and high-level police training.

Malian Police Forces training by EUROGENDFOR Officer
The Spanish Guardia Civil’s Captain imparting lessons to Malian Police Forces
Malian Police Forces training by EUROGENDFOR Officer
In spite of the precarious installations, the Malian Police Officers followed the explanations intently
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