EUROCORPS Commander visits the EUROGENDFOR Headquarters in Vicenza

On 09 September 2016, the European Gendarmerie Force Permanent Headquarters (PHQ) received the visit from the Commander of EUROCORPS, Lieutenant General RAMÍREZ. This visit follows one a EUROGENDFOR party led by Brigadier General Philippe RIO did to EUROCORPS Headquarters in Strasbourg in late January 2016.

Objective: to strengthen the cooperation efforts between the two organizations.

Some accomplishments can already be highlighted:
– participation of PHQ officers in EUROCORPS exercises;
– deployment of 2 Gendarmes alongside with the EUROCORPS contingent as “police experts” in the EU military training mission in the Central African Republic (EUTM RCA);
– contribution of one PHQ officer to the EU Battlegroup HQ to be provided by EUROCORPS for the 1st semester 2017.

EUROCORPS Commander signs the guestbook
Lieutenant General RAMIREZ signs the guestbook at his arrival at EUROGENDFOR’s Headquarters.
Commander Philippe Rio greets EUROCOPS Commander
Brigadier General Philippe RIO (left) and Lieutenant General RAMIREZ (right) exchange greetings and insignia.
Working session on EUROCORPS visit
 The EUROCORPS delegation met with representatives of EUROGENDFOR’s Headquarters.
Working session on EUROCORPS visit
The delegation was introduced to the role of EUROGENDFOR in international crisis management situations.

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