EU PSC visit to the Spanish EUROGENDFOR Presidency

The EU Political and Security Committee (PSC), which gathers representatives from the EU countries and institutions to exercises political control and strategic direction of crisis management operations, had a working visit to Madrid on 07 April 2017. This was an opportunity for the Spanish Presidency of the EUROGENDFOR to welcome the PSC members at the Guardia Civil Headquarters to provide them with a short overview of the Force, its activities, and its possible added value to EU crisis management.

After a warm welcome by Lieutenant General Martin Alonso, Deputy Director Operations of Guardia Civil, Major General Diaz Alcantud, Chief of Staff Operations, provided a short recall on key issues:

–       the police nature, capacities and missions of European gendarmeries,

–       the EUROGENDFOR organization and missions,

–       its ability to fill the security gap between the military and the traditional police response to a crisis.

Afterward, the EUROGENDFOR Commander presented the past and present accomplishments of the Force, in particular within the EU framework:

–       deployment of critical capabilities within EU civil and military missions and operations: EUFOR Althea, EUFOR RCA, EUTM RCA, EUCAP Sahel Mali, EU Liaison and Planning Cell (EULPC) and EUBAM Libya;

–       planning works in support of the EU Civil Planning and Conduct Capacity (CPCC) and EU Missions: EUBAM Rafah and EUMM Georgia;

–       urgent deployment of individuals or expert team in support of the EEAS and Civil Missions: EUCAP Sahel Mali and EUAM Ukraine.

The last part of the presentation and exchanges with the PSC ambassadors and Commission representative focused on the potential inclusion of EUROGENDFOR and its Permanent Headquarter as an EU tool into a strengthened EU Rapid Response toolbox.

Brigadier General RIO Adressing Attendees

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