Visit of a United Nations experts team to the EUROGENDFOR Headquarters

The team led by Ms Kym TAYLOR, from the Division of Policy, Evaluation and Training of the UN, is tasked to perform an evaluation of the UN Formed Police Units.

The EGF Commander explained the Lessons learned from EUROGENDFOR police units past deployments within EU operations in Bosnia and Central African Republic, NATO operation in Afghanistan and UN mission in Haiti.

In this respect, he insisted on the tremendous logistic challenge for a police unit normally dedicated to police mission in his own country, and which has by essence no overseas expeditionary capability, to deploy on another continent.

This presentation was accompanied by a very fruitful exchange of views with the UN high level experts.

The working visit ended with Ms TAYLOR’s signature of EUROGENDFOR Guestbook.

UN DKPO meeting

Brigadier General RIO addressing the UN DKPO attendees

Ms Taylor signing the guest book

Ms Taylor signing the guestbook

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