Special Representative of INTERPOL to the EU visits EUROGENDFOR


Mr Pierre ST. HILAIRE, who heads the Interpol liaison office in Brussels, visited the EUROGENDFOR Permanent Headquarter on 31 May 2017.

This former US prosecutor and director of counterterrorism at Interpol is strongly advocating for a better link between external and internal security. In this respect, discussions focused on EUROGENDFOR capacity to bridge military operations and police organisations, in order to collect and transmit appropriately information and evidences for police and judicial exploitation.

This approach perfectly fits with the EUROGENDFOR vocation to deploy within crisis management operations outside Europe in order to contribute to the security of the EU and its citizens.

In addition to this working session with the EUROGENDFOR Permanent Headquarter, the Special Representative of INTERPOL also fruitfully visited the 2 other stakeholders of the Vicenza stability policing hub:
– The Italian Center of Excellence for Stability Police Units;
– the NATO Stability Policing Centre of Excellence.

Mr. Pierre ST. HILAIRE

Mr. Pierre ST. HILAIRE 

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