EUROGENDFOR staff at the CSDP High Level Course

Three EUROGENDFOR staff members participated to the last module of the CSDP High Level Course in Austria

From 29 May to 02 June, 3 senior officers from our Permanent Headquarters participated to the closing module of the 4-part 12th edition of the Common Security and Defence Policy High Level Course (CSDP HLC) in the Austrian National Defence Academy.

The 3 previous 1 week modules were organised along the year in Brussels, Madrid and Paris. This last module in Vienna focused on providing senior individuals from EU Member States and EU Institutions with a wider vision about the role of the CSDP in the EU Neighbourhood, the challenges, and the common responses of the European Union.

Colonel (RO) GAVRILA – in the centre – will take over the command of EUROGENDFOR on 27 June 2017. Lieutenant Colonel (ES) MINGORANCE – on the right – is deputy head of Operations branch, and Lieutenant Colonel (PT) FERREIRA is deputy head of Planning branch.

This in depth training of key staff officers will contribute significantly to the EUROGENDFOR ability to support the EU crisis management activities in the very next years.

All our thanks to the European Security and Defence College and to all EU and Member States high level experts who contributed to the success of this great training.

CSPD High Level Course

Lt. Col. FERREIRA (left), Col. GAVRILA (center), and Lt. Col. MINGORANCE (right) 

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