During two weeks, from 30 April to 11 May, the Portuguese CIMIN Presidency, through the Guarda Nacional Republicana organised an Operational Planning Workshop in Lisbon (Portugal), whose purpose was to develop the necessary skills to carry out the planning process in the case EUROGENDFOR be called to contribute in a crisis management situation.

The workshop consisted of several lectures to establish the guidelines and procedures required for the mission’s planning, followed by an integral exercise where all phases of the planning process were developed.

The exercise was based upon a fictitious United Nations Security Council Resolution regarding a crisis in the country of ALISIA. In this scenario, the country is experiencing prolonged political turmoil and civil unrest, to the point that the legitimate government of the country is no longer able to provide the basic conditions to ensure the safety of its population. During this situation, violations of human rights are repeatedly committed both by rebel and government forces, resulting in massive displacements of civilians in search of safety because of this uncontrolled violence.

Within this context, EUROGENDFOR carried out the full planning of Operation EUPOL ALISIA to fulfil the directives of the European External Action Service (EEAS) in accordance with the UN mandate.

The exercise was conducted successfully, covering in detail all phases of the planning process.

Colonel Lucian GAVRILĂ, Commander of the European Gendarmerie Force attended the Operational Planning Workshop Closing Event, and expressed his satisfaction of the overall level of expertise demonstrating both in the organization of the Operational Planning Workshop, as in the execution of the exercise itself.

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