EUROGENDFOR Polish contingent participated in the 78 Anniversary of the Battle of Monte CASSINO

On the 18th of May, #EUROGENDFOR Polish Contingent participated in the celebrations of the 78th Anniversary of the Battle of Monte Cassino in Italy.
The celebrations included a special tribute to General Wladyslaw ANDERS by laying the wreath at his monument at Cassino city centre, a 12 km Trekking along the Polish Sappers trail, and finally the official ceremony at the Polish Soldiers Cemetery in Monte Cassino. #LexPaciferat
The Battle of Monte Cassino fought by the Allied forces with Germany in 1944 is also called the “Battle of Rome”, because the victory opened the way to the Italian capital. After nearly five months of fighting, on May 18, 1944, the Poles took the ruins of the monastery. At the turn of 1944 and 1945, a Polish military cemetery was established on the slopes of Monte Cassino, which is one of the most important places of national remembrance. 1,072 Polish soldiers are buried there. General Władysław Anders, who commanded the conquest of the monastery by the 2nd Polish Corps (General Anders died in London in 1970), was also buried there. On the wall around the cemetery there is the sentence: “Passers-by, tell Poland that we have fallen faithful in its service”.

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