The #EUROGENDFOR PHQ Commander, Colonel Hans Vroegh, recently concluded a pivotal visit to 🇵🇹Portugal, a valued Member State of EUROGENDFOR. The primary objective was to enhance collaboration with the Guarda Nacional Republicana (GNR), featuring insightful discussions with the GNR’s Inspector General and key meetings with the GNR’s Strategic Planning and International Affairs Division Staff. The visit underscored a shared commitment to addressing challenges related to peace and security through cooperation. He also commended Portugal’s unwavering dedication to the collective mission, particularly praising the demonstrated capabilities of the GNR’s Intervention Unit.
Furthermore, the #EUROGENDFOR delegation engaged in discussions with the Director-General for Foreign Policy at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. They expressed gratitude for the warm reception, emphasized the significance of diplomatic ties, and acknowledged Portugal’s robust support for #EUROGENDFOR. Culminating in a lecture at the Portuguese Military University Institute (IUM), the visit significantly contributed to the exchange of knowledge and expertise among Gendarmerie Type Forces, enhancing capabilities for peace and security.
The #EUROGENDFOR delegation publicly expresses sincere gratitude to the GNR and Portuguese institutions for their warm hospitality, underscoring the deepened and strengthened partnership forged during this collaborative initiative. #lexpaciferat
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