Colonel Paulo Jorge Macedo Gonçalves was born in Vila Real/Portugal in 1970 and he has 29 years of effective service.

He took office as EUROGENDFOR Permanent Headquarters Commander on the 24 of June 2021. Previously, he was carrying out duties as Assistant Chief of Staff for Operations & Exercises Division.

Throughout his career he served in several Guarda Nacional Republicana (GNR) operational units, performing police command functions as Crowd and Riot Control Platoon Commander, Traffic Detachment Commander, and Territorial Unit staff functions. He also served as a teacher in the Military Academy and in the Operations Department of the Armed Forces University Institute. More recently, he served as Chief of Cabinet of the GNR Operational General Commander and as Chief of Cabinet of the GNR Deputy General Commander.

He is qualified with a master’s degree in military sciences – specialization in Internal Security, Post-Graduation Diploma in Law and Security, and Post-Graduation Diploma in Defence and Security. He also attended the Portuguese Joint Staff Course.

He has international experience, being the most relevant as a Planning Officer at Multinational Division South East – Basrah/Iraq, in 2005.

His service sheet consists of some commendations granted by the GNR General Commander, and several decorations, being the most relevant the S. Jorge Medal, granted by Armed Forces Staff General Commander, and the Distinctive Services Medal granted by the Portuguese Minister of Interior.

He is married and has two children.

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