EUROGENDFOR Operational Concept

Past experiences in Peace Support Operations emphasised that police missions in the international crisis management are an essential tool for conflict prevention and enhancement of international stability.

EUROGENDFOR is offered as an operational, pre-organised, robust and rapidly deployable asset, able to perform all police tasks. EUROGENDFOR can be put mainly at disposal of the EU, the UN, OSCE, NATO, and other International Organizations or ad hoc coalitions.

The military status of the Police Forces in EUROGENDFOR and its capacity to cover the full spectrum of police functions, grant the due flexibility to operate under a civilian chain of command and, in certain circumstances, even under a military chain of command. The circumstances will be defined and agreed on a case by case basis considering the scenario, the mission and the force to be deployed. Its mandate will always be supported by a clear legal basis consisting of relevant UN Security Council Resolutions or on political guidelines from EU or other IOs.

The added value that EUROGENDFOR can provide to international crisis management, in terms of potential to offer, is two fold: an appropriate tool to act in a non-benign environment, in particular during substitution missions, and a rapid deployment capability.

With a view to the definition of the required capabilities, the following generic scenarios, in which EUROGENDFOR can be requested to intervene, have been identified:

But these are not all possible fields of engagement for EUROGENDFOR. On request EUROGENDFOR with its modular characteristics and wide range of capabilities (depicted below) can be engaged also in other kinds of interventions.

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