Countries with Observer status are expected to respect the spirit of the EUROGENDFOR Treaty and to comply with decisions and documents that are approved by CIMIN, including to participate with its force and other assets to the EUROGENDFOR Catalogue of capabilities and to keep this catalogue regularly updated.


An EUROGENDFOR Observer has the following prerogatives:

  • To attend the ordinary sessions of CIMIN and the Working Group, unless otherwise stated, without participation in the decision making process;
  • To take part in the special sessions of CIMIN, the Working Group(s), the Financial Board and specialised ad hoc groups, related to operations and exercises, to which the Observer State is contributing or intends to contribute;
  • To take part in EUROGENDFOR missions;
  • To take part in EUROGENDFOR exercises;
  • To station a permanent LSO at the PHQ;
  • To send augmentees to the PHQ or the FHQ during operations or exercises in which the Observer State is participating;
  • To have access to EUROGENDFOR documents unless otherwise stated;
  • To have access to documents of which the originating authority is neither the CIMIN nor any of the EUROGENDFOR Members, with the consent of the originating authority;

To have access to documents which contain classified information, for which a security arrangement has been established between the parties concerned.

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