Participating Forces


Membership can be obtained by a EU Member state possessing a police force with military status.

The Netherlands, Koninklijke Marechaussee

The Royal Marechaussee (6500 personnel) is part of the Dutch armed forces and tasked with specific police duties within the Kingdom of The Netherlands: border guard and immigration, military police, criminal investigations, and state security (guarding the Royal House, securing civil aviation and other strategic state assets)

France, Gendarmerie Nationale

Being the oldest French security force, the Gendarmerie Nationale is for a long time committed to maintaining civil order, serving and protecting populations both in France and overseas. Its experience, its robustness and adaptability also allows the Gendarmerie Nationale to be deployed in international conflicts as a peacekeeping force.

Portugal, Guarda Nacional Republicana

A Security Force constituted by military elements that are organized in a Special Body of Troops with jurisdiction throughout the country and territorial sea, which actively and permanently veil the enforcement of the law and are dedicated to security and public order maintenance, the protection and defense of the people and their goods.

Italy, Arma dei Carabinieri

The Carabinieri Corps, founded on July 13th 1814, with the twofold reponsibility for State defence and public order and security management. As an Armed Force, it reports to the Ministry of Defence, as a Police Force reports to the Ministry fo Interior. It is a multifaceted organization with a nationwide responsibility in maintaining Law and Order and fighting crime.

Romaina, Jandarmeria Română

State’s specialized institution, with military status, within the Ministry of Internal Affairs which exercises its attributions on protection of public order and safety, citizens’ rights and fundamental liberties, public and private property, crime prevention and detection of other law infringements.

Spain, Guardia Civil

Founded in 1844, Guardia Civil is a public security body of military nature deployed all around the national territory. Besides guaranteeing the protection of citizen and their properties and ensuring law-enforcement, its main mission is to defend the full exercise of rights and  freedoms.

Poland, Żandarmeria Wojskowa

It is a separate and specialized service of the Polish Armed Forces, directly subordinate to the Minister of Defense. The main tasks are related to ensuring discipline within PAF, both at home and abroad as well as protecting public order and preventing crimes being committed within the Nation based on an Agreement with State Police and a Decision by the Prime Minister.



Partnership can be achieved by EU Member or Candidate states possessing a police force with military status but with limited police powers.


Lithuania, Vieŝojo Saugumo Tarnybao

The Service shall be a state agency in the state of constant special readiness and accountable to the Minister of the Interior of the Republic of Lithuania whose purpose shall be to restore and/or ensure public order in cases of extraordinary situations and emergencies and to defend the State as a part of the armed forces in wartime, also to perform other functions established by the Public Security Service under the Ministry of Interior.


Observer status can be granted to a EU Candidate Member state possessing a police force with military status.


Turkey, Jandarma

The Gendarmerie of the Turkish Republic is an armed, military security and law enforcement organization, which maintains security and public order and executes the duties required by other laws and regulations.

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