EUFOR Althea (2007-2010)


EUFOR ALTHEA Mission – Bosnia & Herzegovina the  22nd of November 2007 until the 28th of October 2010.

The EUROGENDFOR was manning the IPU Headquarters and coordinating  EUROGENDFOR contributions for the Integrated Police Unit (IPU) unit within the framework of  EUFOR “Althea” engagement in Bosnia & Herzegovina.

This first engagement of  the EUROGENDFOR in the mission marked a milestone in its development as a credible as well as valid tool, at disposal of EU and other relevant International Organizations, in the field of Crisis Management Operations.

The IPU supported the implementation of the General Framework Agreement for Peace. For almost three years, the EUROGENDFOR IPU provided a contribution to establish a Safe And Secure Environment (SASE) in Bosnia & Herzegovina.

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