Gendarmerie Nationale Française – Member State

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Originating from the Maréchaussée de France, the Gendarmerie Nationale is one of France’s oldest institutions, and remained the only law enforcement body for a long time. A military force integrated into the Ministry of Interior in 2009 and dedicated to security missions and public safety, the Gendarmerie Nationale is deeply committed in the nation’s global security through judicial and administrative investigations as well as public order/crowd control management and military missions.

The Gendarmerie Nationale bears the hallmark of a perennial force, covering a broad spectrum of missions in peacetime, crisis, or war.

The workforce of the Gendarmerie is 103,000 active military and civilian reinforced by 30,000 reservists, former military, and members of the community selected and trained to serve within the Institution. These men and women ensure the security of 50% of the French population covering 95% of the national territory. The Gendarmerie goes on adapting its model with the “Daily Safety” policing scheme (sécurité du quotidien), through higher visibility in the field, close contacts with the community, and reinforced partnerships with other institutions. Furthermore, the implementation of this policy is locally adapted to the contingencies of spaces and inhabitants in suburban areas, countryside, and French overseas territories.

Whether in times of crises, natural disasters, or handling long-term investigations, the Gendarmerie is able to set up and maintain specific capabilities and can rely on a command structures adapted to the territory. Various units and services attached at every level of command enhance gendarmerie capacities gradually to conduct actions and coordinate a wide variety of assets. In order to fulfil its core missions in an ever-changing context, the Gendarmerie has indeed developed state-of-the-art capabilities in various areas (forensics, cyber threats, and high-intensity interventions). It can rely on highly specialised units (GIGN, IRCGN, SCRC, C2NRBC,…), which directly contribute to its own research and development capacity in these fields of competence.

Through its organisation, command structure, and capabilities, the Institution oversees, protects, rescues, intervenes, and investigates 24/7 in order to face all forms of criminality or any threat against France national interests.

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