Become an EUROGENDFOR member

EUROGENDFOR Member has to comply with the obligations established in the EUROGENDFOR Treaty as well as decisions and documents that are approved by CIMIN, including:

  • To contribute to common costs of EUROGENDFOR
  • To participate with its force and other assets to the EUROGENDFOR Catalogue of capabilities and to keep this catalogue regularly updated.

An EGF Member has the following prerogatives:

  • To take part in the decision making process;
  • To take part in EUROGENDFOR missions;
  • To take part in EUROGENDFOR exercises;
  • To take part in the agreed rotation of key and non-key positions at the PHQ;
  • To send augmentees to the PHQ and/or the Force Headquarters (FHQ) during

operations and/ or exercises;

  • To have access to all common EUROGENDFOR documents;
  • To take part in EUROGENDFOR meetings, which are;
    • the High Level Interdepartmental Committee (CIMIN)
    • the Working Group(s)
    • the Financial Board
    • specialised ad-hoc groups
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