EUROGENDFOR Commander’s Message

Welcome to the European Gendarmerie Force website.

Founded in 2007, EUROGENDFOR has 11 years’ history of participation in the stabilization of crises and conflict areas outside of the European Union, where we contributed to the protection of the population, the promotion of human rights, and the re-establishment of the rule of law.

As a pre-organized, robust and rapidly deployable multinational police force composed of police officers with military status, EUROGENDFOR is able to cover the full range of police assignments through executive policing and/or support to the development of local police forces.

We are tasked by and responsible to the High Level Interdepartmental Committee (CIMIN), composed of high representatives of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Defence or the Minister of Interior, and the General Commanders or Directors of the respective gendarmerie forces of our Member States.

The spectrum of our duties comprises different specialized tasks, starting from community policing through criminal investigations, to overall public security. In addition we participate in various police trainings structured in the wide spectrum of different organizations.

All activities performed by my subordinates, colleagues, and partners are a continuation of what has been already achieved by our predecessors. Some roads are paved, many doors are open, but there is room for progress, improvement, and strengthening. Acting as a family created by our national organizations, we can do much more with a support of one hundred years of history and tradition, accumulated experience, and organisational culture. We all are ready to follow our motto “LEX PACIFERAT”, ready to bring our contribution to a more peaceful world and to serve our citizens by defending the Rule of Law.

Lucian Gavrilă


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