Integrated police units


A EUROGENDFOR IPU is a centrally commanded police unit. It is designed to be employed from the initial stage of a Crisis Management Operations (CMO) to contribute to public security and defusing tensions within the population. The unit meets the following conditions:

  • Consist of robust, rapidly deployable, flexible and interoperable forces;
  • is multi-functional and able to perform a large range of executive police tasks;
  • is capable of acting in unstable environments;
  • is able to be placed under either a civilian authority or a military chain of command.

Regarding the structure the EUROGENDFOR IPU is defined as a “company level Unit”, but the final structure of an IPU to be deployed always depends on several variable factors, such as:

  • assigned mission;
  • characteristics of the environment;
  • risk assessment;
  • International Organisation or ad-hoc coalition under which EUROGENDFOR will deploy its assets;
  • logistics support concept;
  • possibility for military/ civilian support.

For those reasons IPU is designed to be modular. According to the necessities, it will be composed of a Commanding Element (including a small staff), a Mobile Element, a Specialised Element and a Logistics and Support Element.

EUROGENDFOR IPUs can be assigned with Area of Responsibility (AoR). That will generally occur in case of a substitution missions, when EGF will undertake the full responsibility for police executive functions until the restoration of responsibilities to the new Local Police. In other situations, an IPU can be deployed with no assigned AoR, e.g. having an IPU in reserve during a mission. In these cases, the structure will be adapted by reducing some components or increasing others.

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