Application procedure

States may address their EUROGENDFOR candidacy to the CIMIN Presidency to obtain the EUROGENDFOR Member status, Observer status or Partner status, as well as their willingness to contribute to EUROGENDFOR operations and activities. Any application shall be formally presented by a letter addressed to the CIMIN Presidency.

The application could be adressed through other channels (Permanent HQ, EUROGENDFOR Members, Embassies, etc.). In this case it will be immediately forwarded to the CIMIN Presidency.

The CIMIN Presidency shall then forward the application to all EUROGENDFOR Members and acknowledge the reception of the application to the applicant, briefly informing it about the requirements needed and, if so decided by the CIMIN, the beginning of the application process.

Once the previous steps have been accomplished, the CIMIN Presidency will invite the applicant country to hold a presentation in a next CIMIN meeting on the type of application and on the status, organisation, responsibilities and capabilities of the applicant country’s force.

Subsequently, the CIMIN Presidency shall reach an agreement with the applicant on a visit to be paid by a Multinational Board of Advisors (MBA), made up of police experts from all EUROGENDFOR Members and a PHQ representative. The MBA will collect information about the organisation of the applicant country’s force by visiting units and premises and attending presentations. The MBA will thoroughly inform the applicant about the EUROGENDFOR organisation and capabilities, and the conditions required for the concerned EUROGENDFOR status.

After finishing the visit, the MBA shall submit to the CIMIN Presidency a non-binding report on the issue, and the report will be included in the agenda of the following CIMIN-meeting.

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